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Maximizer Software has been providing businesses with CRM for over 20 years. If you haven't yet been enjoying the business benefits it brings, now's the time with Maximizer CRM Anywhere

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If you're already one of the 1.5 million Maximizer user's worldwide, check out Maximizer CRM Anywhere. All the power of Maximizer, but now delivered from the cloud, with a powerful web interface

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Cost depends on your system requirements, number of CRM users and the type of support you need. If you need 30 live Maximizer users or more, then our volume licencing option could be for you.

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Riders use Maximizer

It has given us total reliability and confidence in everything we do.

Cactus Search use Maximizer

Maximizer is enormously flexible. The whole thing is very robust.

AIC use Maximizer

Maximizer has bought tangible benefits to our organisation.

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"Now you can buy Maximizer CRM the way you want. Hosted, Rented, or On-Premise"


Maximizer CRM Anywhere is hosted for you on the web, and accessed by you via any internet connection, this means you and your team have all the power of Maximizer CRM, but now it's live and instantly accessible.


With Maximizer Rental we go further than offering a pay-as-you-use CRM service. Our rental options give unrivalled control, choice and flexibility whilst allowing you to tailor the way you pay for your CRM.


Want to buy CRM the traditional way? We work out accurate budget costs for now and the future, taking into account how your business might grow and other ways your CRM system could expand.