About Maximizer CRM Anywhere

Deploying the latest innovations from Maximizer Software, specialist partner and hosting experts Avrion and Collier Pickard bring you Maximizer CRM Anywhere.

Maximizer CRM Anywhere uses the power of Maximizer version 12’s web architecture to deliver a powerful cloud based CRM solution.

Maximizer CRM Anywhere:

Supported by Leading CRM Solution Providers Avrion & Collier Pickard

In partnership with Maximizer Software Ltd Maximizer CRM Anywhere is managed and supported by the leading and award winning Maximizer CRM solution companies Avrion and Collier Pickard. The partnership’s software knowledge and solution experience with the Maximizer Software products are exemplary, built up over many years and across a wide and diverse customer base.

Set-up, deployment and on-going support of Maximizer CRM Anywhere is delivered by Avrion and Collier Pickard. A full range of other solution and support services is available at the Customer Online Store – a comprehensive offering of ‘packaged style’ services and products designed to fully support and enhance  your Maximizer CRM Anywhere investment throughout the life of your solution.

“The strategic vision both companies have created with Maximizer CRM Anywhere is based on a partnership that gives customers full access to a dedicated team of professionals able to deliver solutions end-to-end with in-depth knowledge and experience of deploying and supporting CRM solutions.”