What happens if a new version of Maximizer CRM Anywhere is released?

Maximizer CRM Anywhere is based on the most current version of software; new releases are applied periodically and out-of-hours to minimise disruption. You will be notified of new releases and any new features … Continue_reading

I would like to temporarily add more users? Can I do this?

Yes. You can add more users on-the-fly, renting such additional licenses for the months they are temporarily being used. Adding and removing users is managed within your administration centre.

Is there a minimum or maximum user limit?

No. There are different packages available and pending the number of users on the system your subscription may need to be upgraded. See the Pricing and Options section of our website for more … Continue_reading

What happens if I would like to bring the solution in-house after a while

Maximizer CRM Anywherse is built on the same data model as Maximizer CRM’s on-premise solution, giving you the choice and fl exibility to migrate from one deployment option to another as your business … Continue_reading