Why Should I Host?

Quick Deployment

Simple set-up means you can be up and running within hours from the time of subscription. With little need for customisation out-of-the-box and no software to install or complicated technology server setup, you can begin transforming your business right away.


Using your Web browser, Maximizer CRM Live is easy- to-use, with little technical expertise required and no need to manage and maintain complex hardware infrastructure.

Choice & Flexibility

Maximizer CRM Anywherse is built on the same data model as Maximizer CRM’s on-premise solution, giving you the choice and fl exibility to migrate from one deployment option to another as your business requirements change, with minimal technical requirements and without any data loss.

Low Upfront Costs and Better Operating Expense Predictability

Hosting data and applications in the cloud eliminates the up-front investment in software licenses, operating system licenses, databases, servers, backup equipment, etc. With subscription pricing, your capital expenditure is turned into predictable operating expenses.

Automatic Feature Upgrades

Benefit from the latest feature enhancements and upgrades for Maximizer CRM Anywhere as soon as they are available.